Studio Di Lusso brings a high quality of elegance and modern style to residential, commercial and public interiors. We also design furniture and accessories.


We specialise in individual projects for our most demanding customers, who agree that an effectively arranged interior is a reflection on ones achievement and social standing. We follow the latest trends but believe firmly in offering clients’ innovative solutions that are best suited to them. We understand that a flat or house must be functional and yet maintain the beauty of its design. That is why our designs provide safety, peace and comfort whilst reflecting our clients’ dreams, likes and culture.

Our basic criteria when designing office space is the person and their needs. However, we take every precaution in making sure that the functionality of the space does not eliminate its classic beauty and that the clients’ personal style is projected in the design of the interior. We believe that luxury is an exclusively designed interior in which you take pride.


Creativity, experience and an inextinguishable enthusiasm are the tools that enable us to design the most elaborate projects. We provide professional advice as well as supervision and guidance, as a guarantee to an efficiently organised and solidly carried out project.

Studio Di Lusso brings perfection and passion when creating a breathtaking and stunning effect.