Studio Di Lusso offers a complex and professional service at every stage of the investment. We help the investor make the right decisions, based on the experience we have gained.


We take care of our clients throughout the entire project. We will offer advice at every stage, beginning with the plan design, when choosing materials and colour schemes and in the final stages when arranging and decorating the interior space. We collaborate with professional companies who also offer their services to our customers.

We design residential interiors: flats, apartments, houses, mansions.


We offer:

  1. A plan of the interior design.
  2. A plan of the interior design with the guidance of our designers and the coordination of works involved.
  3. Plans of individual rooms (bathrooms, kitchens).
  4. Furniture designs.
  5. Advice on planning, ergonomic design, lighting, colour schemes, decoration, choice of style, material finishes and equipment.

We design commercial interiors:


  1. restaurants, galleries, hotels,
  2. shops, retailers,
  3. receptions, customer service areas,
  4. offices, conference halls,
  5. surgeries, pharmacies, beauty salons,

also market stalls and display areas.


All plans are brought into line with requirements that need to be fulfilled in order for Sanepid, building administrators and other councils to approve the build.